Pickup and Dropoff

The bus lane on the south side of the school is for bus use only before school.  Buses cannot get in and/or out of the parking lot if private vehicles block the lanes.  Parents are asked to use the north parking lot (to the left as you enter).  The inside lane is for through (constantly moving) traffic only and students may not be loaded/unloaded from this lane.  Please be sure to not hold up bus traffic in the afternoon.  Move to the inside lane so buses may proceed to the gym area.



  • Do not leave your car unattended unless in an official parking space.
  • Do not drop off or pick up from the inside lane.
  • Do not leave spaces between cars; pull forward.
  • Please do not drop off or pick up children on Pinnacle Court going either direction.
  • Do not park in the south parking lot between the hours of 8:45am – 9:10am.(It’s for buses only.)


  • The inside lane is for through traffic only.
  • If all curb spaces are taken please wait in line until parking is available.
  • Outside lane is for loading and unloading children (outside lane, lane nearest the building.) Also, have children get out of the car on the curb side.Outside lane needs to move forward and fill the empty spaces in front of them.
  • Traffic backed upon the hill on the north parking lot needs to move to the inside lane to allow buses in.
  • Please be respectful to our staff and parent helpers who are trying to keep our children safe.