Picture Day at Emerald Heights

Picture Day Retakes is on May 21st
Posted on 03/26/2021
Friday, May 21st is our picture retake day!!!

You can place your online order today! 

Click here for the fast track link  or

Go to www.qualityschoolportraits.com
click on the 
click HERE TO ORDER words,
enter code 
EMER8 and 
click View Gallery,
enter email and 
click Submit then follow ordering prompts.

If you order online, your child does not need to bring in a printout on picture day.  Cash and checks are still accepted but they prefer online orders at this time.

If you missed both picture days, you can contact the Quality School Portrait people and schedule a time to go to their studio in Poulsbo.

Here are background choices and the EM Order form.  Order forms will be sent home after Spring Break.