Learn French

Learn French
Posted on 06/25/2021

French Classes

Wednesdays 3:35 - 4:35, Oct. 6th – Dec. 1st 

8 classes $120

Monique Arnold (360) 698-1861, or arnwalt@hotmail.com to register 

Payment deadline September 29th

Play outside French games such as soccer and la pétanque. 

 Enjoy la mousse au chocolat.    

Learn about the French home and design your own French château. 

Receive French packet of activites.

Monique has a Master's Degree in French, 20 years experience

  2 children $190, 

Grades 2-5, Emerald Heights

10% of proceeds donated to charity (C.O.T.N.)

C.K.S.D.  unsponsored event

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