Discipline Policy

The following discipline policy is designed to encourage a positive and safe, productive learning environment for all students at Emerald Heights.

Guidelines for Success

All staff, students and parents at Emerald Heights will work together to help everyone reach their fullest potential.  Everyone will be treated with kindness and respect.  Any behavior or action that helps someone grow and mature will be encouraged.  Staff will keep students focused on our school guidelines.

The ABC’s of Emerald Heights:

A:  Always Try

B:  Be Responsible

C:  Cooperate with Others

D:  Do Your Best

E:  Everyone is Treated with Kindness and Respect

F:  Follow Directions

G:  Give Me Five

H:  Have Fun!

Throughout the year, we will emphasize being responsible and managing yourself positively in all situations.  These efforts will make Emerald Heights a warm and exciting place where new learning occurs each and every day.

Teaching Student Responsibility and Discipline

All staff members contribute to Emerald Heights Elementary School’s friendly, inviting environment.  We set the tone through our actions and attitudes.  Our continuous support and encouragement of students will be demonstrated through four important procedures.

  • We will teach student expectations for responsible behavior in every school environment by relating student actions to our guidelines for success.We will encourage students to follow the ABC’s of Emerald Heights.
  • We will provide positive feedback to students when they are meeting expectations and following the guidelines for success.
  • When minor misbehavior occurs, staff will view the misbehavior as a teaching opportunity, responding with calm, consistent corrections and consequences.
  • Staff, students and parents will work to solve problems that are chronic or severe in nature.
  • Emerald Heights’ Discipline Policy will annually be updated with input from our Shared Decision Making Team which consists of staff, parents, and students, along with ideas and information from the District Discipline Committee.