Rules & Conduct

Our school and district rules are designed to encourage a positive and safe, productive learning environment for all students. In addition to the school rules on this page, we ask all students and parents to review the Student Rights & Responsibilities each year.

For more information on consequences, visit our discipline policy page.

Please read  our EM Parent Handbook for more specific information on how we Communicate, Visitors/Volunteers, Student Activities, Health Services, Safety Plan, Buses/Parking Lot, Attendance, other policies and PTA. 

Playground/Recess Rules


  • Think safety first
  • Don’t use high parts of climbing apparatus for sitting or viewing
  • One foot must always be in contact with the black foot supports on the
  • spinners
  • If there is a line for the spinners, count to 30 then let the next person on


  • Players must wait behind the backstop
  • Three outs – whole team rule (10 players)
  • No stealing or leading off
  • Underhand/slow pitch only
  • Throwing bats is an automatic out
  • One base on an overthrow
  • For kickball – a player is out if the ball hits them
  • For baseball – catcher must wear a mask
  • If an umpire is present, call balls and strikes, no umpire – up until you hit or kick

Sport Court

  • 26 players at a time
  • Players waiting to play will line up along the fence and be allowed in on fouls
  • Fouls include hand balls (tip of fingers to shoulder) and kicking out of court
  • If a player has incurred a foul, they will take a lap around the court and go to end of the line.Player that is first in line enters.

Wall Ball

  • Only a tennis ball may be kicked or thrown against the building at any time
  • One touch is allowed, if you miss catching it then you must run and tag the wall before someone throws the ball against the wall.IF you don’t make it, then you must wait on the wall until the next player is out.

Tether Ball

  • Server softly puts ball in play
  • Faults – player steps over dividing line; player touches pole; player touches rope; player holds, carries or bubbles (double or more hits) ball
  • As the ball is hit back and forth, each player tries to get the rope to wind completely around the pole for a ‘tether’

No one is allowed to play in the shrubs on either end of the playground.


Students should be clothed appropriately for school.  Student clothing should not be disruptive to the educational process, disrespectful or offensive, or promote items that are illegal for student use.  Students may wear shorts to school only if they are long enough to touch the fingertips when standing with arms hanging straight down. Midriff (short) tops that leave the stomach area exposed and tank tops or dresses with straps less than two inches are not allowed at school.  Open-toed shoes create safety problems for students during PE activities.  Tennis shoes must be worn on PE days. 

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters & Rollerblades

Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are not allowed at this time. 

Bicycles (non-motor) are allowed with a parent permission form on file in the front office.  This is for Grades 3-5 only.

Please review our EM Bicycle Rules  and watch our video with your child and print and sign the permission form.


Pets are not allowed at school unless prior arrangements have been made with the principal.  Please be sure your animals are confined at home until after school begins.  Pets are not  allowed on school buses.  The Kitsap Humane Society will be contacted regarding any stray, unlicensed dog on school district property.